Buying direct means you have a direct link to the farm land growing your foods.

From Our Farm to Your Table


Because it is free from agricultural chemicals, hormones, growth promotants and other nasty additives.


Because animals should graze on pastures and consume grasses, weeds and legumes. And as farmers we strive to protect our environment by improving our soil, biodiversity and habitat.


So that you, the eater and cook, can actually get to know who it is raising the goods for your family.

Clean Green Farming

CLEAN, GREEN, and LOCAL describe both our philosophy towards farming as well as the way food should be produced. Since 2010 we have been raising 100% grass-fed AND finished, chemical-free beef in the Gympie Region.

Our passion is to share our knowledge with like-minded farmers. Learn more about our upcoming seminars where we share our farming philosophy.

Camping on our farm

Enjoy the quiet tranquility of our farm. We incurred some damage during the flooding of early 2022 and our campsites are offline until repairs are completed, but our private but not remote campsites will be ready again soon for your best family holiday yet.

Our campsites are set up for families or individuals who want to get away from hustle and bustle of city life.

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