Meet the Farmers

Born farmers, and loving it

Both Warren and Karen grew up on family farms in the Gympie region.  Between them they proudly represent seven generations of Australian farming families.

Like so many families we want to know what we eat.  For years we’d enjoyed our own delicious beef knowing exactly how it was treated, what it ate, where it had lived…we thought for sure other families wanted that peace of mind. So we started CGL Beef.  That was back in 2010 and we’re still here!

Eco-friendly Farming

We all know the global environment has seen better days. The CGL BEEF team know that raising livestock with the correct management can actually help improve the current state of play.

Warren and Karen understand the importance of soil health and study the works of Alan Savory, Joel Salatin and Dr Christine Jones. They know that what is good for the soil is good for growing healthy livestock and ultimately healthy people.

Clean, Green & Local

We felt it shouldn’t be difficult to find good, clean food, so we set out to connect with other families starting CGL BEEF in 2010.  CLEAN, GREEN and LOCAL describe both our philosophy towards farming, as well as the way food should be produced. A paddock-to-plate approach works for the farmers and the local community. Our 100% grass-fed and finished beef fits perfectly within our GREEN approach to farming and food.

Our Farming Practices

The kids of today are savvy. Much more than we were at their age. They’ve grown up with a diet of “woe-be-tide the future” and the pressure that simply eating is now a political act. We have proven on our farm, that growing and eating livestock can be a planet-healing activity. Healthy soils = healthy livestock = healthy people, and those healthy soils need animals.  Our every farming decision is made with the future in mind….their future.

Along Came the Chooks

In 2015, we introduced meat chickens to our farm.  Raised outdoors and moved daily, our PADDOCK RAISED CHOOKS consistently amaze people with their flavour.  Life outdoors and non-GMO, organic feed, our chicken is tender and DELCIOUS, grown in a way that is good for you and good for the environment. As our name says – CLEAN, GREEN and LOCAL.

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