Tools of the trade

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A tale to tell

Well, once these were the tools of the trade…and from just one of the trades we practised. Once upon a time in a life long ago MR CGL worked with some of these tools before he hung up his knives for good.

Every tool here has a tale to tell and has been stamped with the handprints of someone near and dear to us. That cleaver, for example, belonged to my father.  For the record it is as heavy as it looks! And that mincer, well as a small child I have vivid memories of my dad in the shed at our home turning the handle of that mincer over and over as we processed home-killed beef or pork.

Neighbour to neighbour

The cutting board came from a tree from our neighbour’s property.  There was a huge old blue gum right on the fence line.  Having been struck by lightning many years ago it finally became unstable, so for safety reasons was felled.  We had a several cutting boards made up from that tree and gifted one to these dear people as a thank you for being quite possibly the best neighbours ever. We kept one as a momento of our years together, fenceline to fenceline.

The shed knife

The knife belonged to a family member no longer with us but remembered and spoken of every time we pick it up.  These days it’s a shed knife, used for finely slicing meat for the puppies.  But it has a special place and its original owner lives on with every use.

The hook – well it possibly was ‘liberated’ from a butcher shop Mr CGL worked at as a very young man. Memories there too!

We only use these tools at home these days, as none are suitable for use in modern butcher shops – but we think of all those people every time we pick one up. We remember all that they taught us as we farm our grass-fed beef and continue traditions.

For you to enjoy

There is a vast treasure trove of knowledge, skill and experience woven into those products that harks back generations and it’s all part of the of CGL BEEF story. The end-product delivered to your home is what you get to enjoy; including the tales wrapped up in it.

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