We’ve Survived Summer

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We are actually getting some winter now

Busy days means the slow cooker has been in high demand here.  From Pumpkin Soup made with Paddock Raised Chook bone broth to CGL BEEF skirt steak casserole, the kitchen has been pumping!  The short days means we are busy busy busy ‘til it’s too dark to see, so to come in to dinner already done is a delightful feeling.  Are you a slow cooker cook too?

Chooks are back!

It’s taken a while, we know, so we really appreciate all of the gentle inquiries that have been coming through about our delicious grass fed chooks. And they are back in stock.

There was a slight delay due to a break down at the feed mill.  We had to switch to a different feed for a few days and the birds slowed down their feeding due to this change.  This doesn’t really bother us…once you are in the swing of moving, feeding and watering it just seems like any other day.  They eat what and when they want out in the pens – it just means pinning down an ETA isn’t possible to far in advance.

Little Freezer Packs

We are starting to stock up again on our Little Freezer Packs; this means that as we head into the second half of the year there will be boxes with packing labels dated May, June etc.  Beef can be safely stored for between 4 and 24 months..see CSIRO table below.   I’ve checked with our freezer facility and the highest they go is -18 C.  So we know our beef is stored at very safe temperatures well within the time frames advised.

As the fresh, bulk beef season comes to an end, these beefy little boxes become much more in demand and we’ll definitely lock in ‘End of each Month’ for delivery or pick up, but I will be at the freezer arranging chickeny bits so can grab these for folks as well for the next date, which is listed just below….

Fresh Bulk Beef

And although we’re stashing a bit of beef away we still have some FRESH BULK order rounds to offer up.  We have taken on a new leased farm, not all that far from our new home base in Glastonbury.  This farm had a nice long rest throughout summer, so has loads of lovely fresh feed.  All that grass means an extension to our usual selling season!!  Usually as the feed is frosted and loses protein down on our coastal rented farm, we need to start weaning so as not to stress our mums as the ‘feed goes off’.  The new rented farm is located up in the hills of Widgee..our old stomping grounds…so less frost and different quality pastures, so the mums moved there recently are putting on weight and looking great, so more beasties to come!

If you’d like to get an order in for either our chicken our beef, click one of the links below.



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